Supercharge Your Business.  Mastering Change in the Midst of Chaos™: Challenges, Choices & Champions.  The landscape of corporate America is changing forever. Those that will truly thrive in the coming decade are preparing today. Albert Einstein said, We can never solve our significant problems from the same level of thinking we were at when we created the problem
A Powerful New One-Day or Half-Day Program for: Executives, Leaders; Manager, Teams; and other Key Personnel

gold bullet Here's What You'll Learn...
Blue BulletHow to overcome resistors to change and gain their support
Blue Bullet5 characteristics of the masters of change and
 how you and your people can cultivate them
Blue BulletGoing from coping, dealing with and managing change
to mastering change
Blue Bullet3 powerful filters that identify everyone's motivators
Blue BulletThe systemic approach to team change
Blue BulletHow to shift your paradigm at will and why you want to
Blue Bullet15 critical questions to address when making change
Blue BulletHow to tap into the motivational "hot buttons" of others
Blue BulletWords that persuade and dissuade
Blue BulletPenetrating new ways to optimize your effectiveness
Blue BulletHow to convert 3 common traps into 3 valuable assets
Blue BulletHow to minimize resistance even with difficult people
Blue BulletHow to control (even create) the tide of change
 to your advantage
Blue BulletSeven compelling steps to positively empower your people
Blue BulletEliminate the minefields that sabotage your goals
Blue BulletThe power of paradigm cycles: essential skills
Blue BulletHow to overcome people differences and
 how to capitalize on their diversity
Blue Bullet9 inherent forces that drive successful organizations

gold bullet Comments from the Experts

"Growth is impossible without change. As Larry points out, the most effective way to manage change is to create it. Mastering Change allows for new natural alignment and unprecedented growth and success." Curt Coffman,, Co-Author, First Break all the Rules

Guy Kawasaki, author of Reality Check and co-founder of, said, "Larry’s plain talk approach for managing teams is refreshing and practical. His advice will help teams deal with change challenges in unknown economic times because it’s not filled with hype and jargon. Mastering Change is a great resource for entrepreneurs and managers."

What do these organizations have in common?
AT&T, Ball Aerospace, Bechtel Corp, Canon, Children’s Hospital, Dean Foods, First National Bank, GE, Hilton, IBM, IRS, Johnson Controls, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Microsoft, Mobil Oil Japan, 3M, NCAR, Sanyo Australia, Stanford University, Tiffany and Company, Toledo Edison, US Forest Service, US Dept. of Transportation, United Way, University of Colorado, University of Wisconsin…
Answer: They and many others have tapped into Larry Nelson’s programs.

Larry Nelson has lived in and started businesses in five foreign countries, spanning from Norway to Japan. In all he has been a leader in a dozen companies…some were extremely successful while others were learning experiences. His business ventures ranged from retail stores to high-tech; from warehouses to direct mail; from manufacturing to human resource consulting and training. Over the years he has conducted business seminars in 15 countries and has presented to thousands of participants.

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gold bullet Special benefits of this program

Everything is changing! There is incredible change and so much competition, it almost seems impossible to stay on top of everything. This includes changes that are out of our control; such as government regulations, technological advances, the changing economy, consumer demands, organizational restructuring, fluctuating demographics and increased competition. You probably have a few of your own to add to the list.

However, let's be candid. Those people and organizations that don't adjust to and initiate changes will become victims of the times. Those that are bold and innovative will not only survive but will achieve optimum results. Yes, the land­scape of business has changed forever. However, it isn't just change…

As a leader, you must create an environment that allows and in­spires the best in people to surface. In today's uncertain business environment, people need to know that their leaders are making the best decisions for both them and the organization. This proven program will offer effective models for making positive lasting solutions to the challenges we are all facing.

There are three dimensions of change. The most common change is simply to "fix it". The second is gained through a gradual transition or continual improvement process. Here the organizational posture is understood, the envisioned future is identified and a strategic plan is developed to accomplish that end. The third is a profound change, a complete transformation or disruptive strategies for the organization. Solutions to motivational challenges for all three are covered in this program.

gold bullet Powerful, Proven, People-Oriented

You'll receive your own copy of the Life Perspective Inventory™ (LPI) - an exciting tool, with decades of research involving more than 50,000 people. Your LPI will help you understand, reach and motivate your people. It will equip you with insightful and useful information needed by anyone who must achieve more with less.

This seminar will help you and your team gain the benefits of the latest technology available for leaders, managers and teams. Many feel the LPI itself is worth many times the investment in this program. The Resource Guide you receive will also serve you long after the program is over. Like others before you, you'll leave this pro­gram armed with practical strategies that can be applied immediately.

gold bullet Here are few comments from
    the seminar participants...

"This course was practical, fast paced and full of useful information. Larry is a presenter that other presenters would admire.  A great presentation of useful material.  I look forward to your next course". — Allyson Stevens, Education Specialist, Employee Development, IBM

"Precise and clear.  Larry is knowledgeable and interesting. Not long slabs of lecturing." — Wayne S. Young, Customer Service Research Manager, Shell Co.

"Most importantly, the message you brought here was great for building our team spirit.  Thanks again for your professionalism, courtesy and above all... your invaluable help." — Rod Kirkham, National Training Manager, Microsoft Australia

"Trainer speaks clearly and precisely.  Holds audience well."
— G.S. Rook, Manufacturing Manager, 3M

"Just fantastic!  As a presenter, Larry Nelson is nothing less than brilliant." — Sharon Pincott, Office Automation Manager, Ernst & Young


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